ISA and its Business

ISA, directly and through its 30 branches and subsidiaries, carries out important infrastructure projects to boost development on the continent, contributing to the development of the population of Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama and Central America.

For this, focuses its business activities in the transport of electric power, telecommunications, road concessions and intelligent management of real-time systems.

For over 45 years, the company has been characterized by the provision of efficient and reliable service, respecting human rights and environmental protection, aiming to promote regional competitiveness and sustainability, improving the quality of life and the development of societies where it is present. All thanks to a team of 3686 highly qualified and committed.

In late 2012, ISA had, in its consolidated financial statements, assets of about $ 14.6 billion and revenue of $ 2.4 billion.

The company focuses its strategy in the search for new opportunities in the region, based on the diversification of markets, industries and resources, increasing your profitability through efficient operations, a solid capital structure and constructive relations with regulators.

ISA is a socially responsible company, characterized by an ethical, serious posture and committed to initiatives like the Global Compact, the Millennium Development Goals and climate changes, which let the organization creates value for its stakeholders, businesses and future generations.

Transport of Electricity

Through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, ISA expands, operates and maintains power transmission systems for high voltage, which positions the company as one of the largest international carriers of electricity in Latin America. This is due to the 40,665 km of high voltage circuits where the organization operates, the international interconnections between Venezuela and Colombia, Ecuador and Colombia and Ecuador and Peru, and its 74,040 MVA of transformation capacity.

ISA account in Colombia with their companies ISA and TRANSELCA; in Peru, with  ISA Perú, Red de Energía del Perú - REP, Consorcio Transmantaro – CTM and Proyectos de Infraestructura del Perú –PDI; in Bolivia has ISA Bolivia, in Chile, has INTERCHILE, and has in Brazil  the subsidiaries Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista - ISA CTEEP (gained through his investment vehicle ISA Capital of Brazil), ), Interligação Elétrica Pinheiros – PINHEIROS, Interligação Elétrica Serra do Japi – SERRA DO JAPI, Interligação Elétrica de Minas Gerais – IEMG anda EVRECY.

ISA CTEEP, together with other regional partners, has investments in companies in Interligação Elétrica Norte e Nordeste – IENNE, Interligação Elétrica Sul – IESUL, Interligação Elétrica do Madeira – IE MADEIRA and Interligação Elétrica Garanhuns – IE GARANHUNS.

Additionally, ISA has a 11.11% shareholding in the company Empresa Propietaria de la Red – EPR, entity that operates the Electrical Interconnection System for Central America - SIEPAC, and holds a 50% stake in the binational company Interconexión Eléctrica Colombia – Panamá – ICP.


ISA's participation in this business materializes through INTERNEXA, a company that, after a decade of operations, could extend 22,730 km of optical fiber, which consolidate the organization as the largest telecom operator with continuous continent's terrestrial network across seven countries connecting the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast and uniting the entire South America's telecom.

ISA has in Central America a shareholding of 11.11% in REDCA, company responsible for managing the assets of fiber optic of the SIEPAC’s project. The INTERNEXA, as a subsidiary of ISA, along with other partners, participates in the construction and future operation of 1,800 miles of fiber optics, with which the company can consolidate a continental network of 24,530 km in length.

INTERNEXA, convinced that the massification of broadband and the availability of international and locally produced content are the keys to improving the quality of life of people, has developed a strategy that allows the organization to be a leader in Latin America in the distribution of digital relevant content. In this sense, has set up a data center in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and soon, in Chile, in which stores servers to international distribution of digital content.

The telecommunications subsidiary of ISA is consolidated as a single provider, which allows access to the content most sought by Latin American users, directly and integrated. This system provides conditions for large-scale development of a content industry in the region.

Roads Concessions

ISA structures, designs, builds, operates and maintains road infrastructure in markets where it is relevant. The operation and maintenance are performed according to standards set by the regulator in each of the countries where the company operates and is supported in processes that ensure operational excellence and safety for users.

Through INTERVIAL CHILE and its five dealerships (Ruta del Maipo, Ruta del Maule, Ruta del Bosque, Ruta de la Araucanía y Ruta de los Ríos), ISA operates 907 km of freeways, which extend fromo the city of Santiago to the city of Río Bueno, positioning it as the largest operator of the country's highways.

Intelligent Management of Real-Time Systems

ISA, through XM develops activities of planning, design, optimization, commissioning, operation, administration and management of transactional systems or technology platforms, involving the exchange of information with value-added and markets for related goods and services.

The experience developed by XM in the operation of the electrical system and the administration of the electricity market allows the company to provide to diverse industries smart solutions based on technology and knowledge acquired.

  • Power sector: XM is responsible for the operation of Colombian National Interconnected System - SIN, administration of Mercado de Energía Mayorista – MEM and of Transacciones Internacionales de Electricidad –TIEs, with Ecuador.
  • Financial sector: with the Colombia’s Stock exchange - BVC, operates Derivex, the company managing the energy derivatives market of the country, and participates as an investor in the Cámara de Riesgo Central Counterparty - CRCC (House of Central Counterparty Risk).
  • Traffic and transport sector: the company Sistemas Inteligentes en Red –SIR, XM’s subsidiary, operates Centro de Controle de Trânstio – CCT, of Sistema Inteligente de Movilidad de Medellín –SIMM.